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Thief of a Diamond and a Heart

Today I have with me Byn and Mark from Two Truths and a Lie, by Daryl Devore`, from the anthology Lawbreakers. Their story is one of intrigue and subterfuge between two globe-trotters.

Sage: Thank you so much for being here! Even though I can tell from the look on Mark's face he would rather be mauled by a bear.

Mark: Do I have to do this? I despise being interviewed.

Byn: Oh, come on, sourpuss. If you do this, I'll take you to that little Vietnamese Pho restaurant you like.

Mark: What about after dinner?

Byn: One word - no, two - purple lace.

Mark: Ask away!

Sage: *chuckles* That's right; just keep your eye on the prize. Let's start with something unusual right out of the gate - Where do you fall on the order versus chaos spectrum?

Mark: I have to hear the answer to this one. All yours, Byn.

Byn: Well, Mark's easy. He's at the far end of the order spectrum. He's like right at the edge. Me, I'm a little bit more of the chaos. My apartment was usually a wreck and the stereotype of finding a 3-day-old pizza under the couch and finishing it off may have happened once or twice. Three times.

Sage: *Laughs* Can't say as I've actually eaten any of the food I've found under my couch, but since it was closer to a week old... But anyway; when someone cuts you off in traffic, how do you respond?

Mark: I blast them with a death ray.

Byn: You don't own a death ray.

Mark: I have a team working on one.

Byn: I'm not really sure whether he is serious or joking. You're joking? Right?

Mark: Just saying, don't cut me off.

Sage: Duly noted. If you were at the zoo what animals would you want to see?

Byn: I've never been to a zoo. There weren't any in Palwanta.

Mark: You've never been to one?

Byn: I just said I hadn't.

Mark: My parents took me to a few zoos. I was always amazed by the cats. The lions and tigers. Such majestic animals. But it was the elephants that left me speechless. I'd just lean on the railing and stare. It's so disgusting that people hunt them.

Sage: Yes! You do not want to get me started on that subject. Suffice it to say, all hunters would be singing soprano when I got done with them. But that leads me to my next question. how do you feel about protecting the environment?

Mark: I've donated millions to wildlife protection, Greenpeace. All those fantastic organizations.

Byn: I stopped getting my drinks with a straw. Motto - save the planet one straw at a time.

Sage: Right on. Do you like to cook? What do you cook? How good are you?

Byn: Kinda proud to say I no longer burn water. And I can cook something that involves more than throwing something in the microwave or dialing takeout.

Mark: It was atrocious. What she used to eat. Three-day-old pizza. I love to cook. You name it, I'll cook it. I took two years off and attended a top cooking school in Europe. I may not be at 5-star Michelin level, but I'm pretty good.

Sage: What is your favorite vacation?

Mark: Anywhere that has a beach.

Byn: I second that. Sand between my toes. Sunburned nose. That's my zen.

Sage: Mmmm. Mine too. *Closes eyes for a moment with a wistful smile, then sighs* If a stray dog showed up at your house several days in a row, what would you do?

Byn: His name is Go Home. He's a mutt. Just showed up. Didn't come from any of the neighbors. They all have pure-breds. Mark kept telling him to go home. Now he sleeps at the foot of our bed.

Mark: Yup, that's me. The king in my own castle.

Sage: Awww, how sweet! Let's try this question. If a stranger knocked on your door in the middle of the night, what would you do?

Mark: Ask how he got over the gate and past the security cameras and inform him the cops are on their way. And before you think I'm crazy, I'm very rich, which makes Byn a target for kidnapping and I am very protective of the woman I love.

Sage: One last question and it is out of left field. Do you believe you've ever had a personal encounter with a ghost or the supernatural?

Byn: No. And if I did, I would dive under the nearest blanket and hide until I was sure it was gone. What about you, Mark? Ever seen a ghost?

Mark: When I was little, my parents and I were touring Europe, visiting castles. We were in one, I don't remember where. Bavaria, I think. And this little girl in a blue dress kept following me. I asked who she was but no one knew what I was talking about. So, I don't know. Were they pulling my leg or did I see something they didn't see?

Sage: That is so cool!

Byn: Wow. I am blown away. I expected a flat no out of you. I guess we still have things to learn about each other.

Mark: So we're done and can go get Pho and then onto purple lace?

Byn: *turns to Sage* Very little purple and even less lace.

Sage: *laughs, then gives a knowing smile* Yes, we're done. It's been a pleasure meeting you both. I've really enjoyed chatting. Thank you so much for coming out. Enjoy your Pho...and your purple lace.

Mark: Oh that I am.

To read Byn and Mark's exciting story, and three other great books, go to for the Lawbreakers boxed set.

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